K&A HealthCare Research:
Understanding HealthCare Professionals and Patients.

In a fast-paced world and growing infor­mation over­load, decision-making in health care becomes increasingly diffi­cult, for patients as well as for Health­Care pro­fessionals (physicians, pharma­cists, nursing staff, and others). Hitting the right touch­points with effec­tive messages and cues, shortens decision-making and increases the probability of changing existing routines. We analyze rele¬vant health-care prota­gonists, provide insights about their behavior, and support our Health­Care-clients in designing their brand manage­ment with clear and pro­ductive recommen­dations.
The mark of confi­dence: we are certified to carry out global market research for 6 out of the 10 largest pharma­ceutical companies world-wide.

Besides “traditional” indi­vidual explora­tion and group dis­cussions, our qualitative Health­Care Research also utilizes methods taken from psycho­therapy. In doing so we use psycho­diagnostic tools to uncover causes and motives for the target market’s behaviors within various indications, and to make them accessible for marketing. The goal of our research with health-care pro­fessionals and patients is always to gain deeper insight into the emotional and cognitive reality of the target market. This is essential to create insights which promote brands. Especially with taboo issues and target audiences which are diffi­cult to recruit. For our clients, our Health­Care-savvy moderators uncover possible barriers and develop marketing oppor­tunities for future market success. An excerpt from our methodology-toolkit:

  • (Psychological) in-depth interviews or individual explorations.
  • (Creative) focus groups (from 1,5 up to 3 hours).
  • K&A Brand-Workshop: brand design in cooperation with clients and creative agencies.
  • K&A Communication Lab: experimental replication and continuous optimization of possible communication between the company and the target market.
  • Mystery shopping in pharmacies and medical supply businesses.
  • K&A Psychodrama® approach using 4-8-hour workshops with 6 to 10 participants from your target audience. (Over 20 years of experience with almost all indications and all medical professions.)

In quantitative market research with Health­Care professionals and patients, we also have a strong qualitative focus. Besides the collection of „statistical data“ regarding past and present behavior and the evaluation of tests, we also emphasize subjective perception and behavioral motives. Via the analysis of cause and effect contexts, we provide conclusions regarding possible strategies for behavior change in the examined target audience. Large samples and statistical expertise also allow for productive quantitative conclusions. The major tools of our quantitative Health Care research:

  • Usage-&-Attitude survey
  • Day-after-Visit survey
  • K&A Foldertest
  • K&A eMOT®-Advertising Impact Test: applied eMOT®-reasoning to optimize your communication- and advertising material to successfully spread your message within the target market.
  • K&A BrandExperience for success­ful touch­point manage­ment: measuring the experience of brands, indications, and companies within the particular target market.
  • Patient-Physician-Journey: the patient’s route to your brand.